Belon “0000” must try, with wine it taste good and special favor of metal, sea water. Hoping to bring truly local perspectives and news stories to a global readership, so that we can understand each other and change the world together, one article at a time. Bottomline is if you have only pick one from the breakfast menu to go along with your oysters, pick the French Toast.

Situated along the main promenade in Stanley and with a stunning view of the Stanley Bay directly ahead, it gives diners a relaxing and serene atmosphere to enjoy their oysters. Here, executive chef Michael and his team bring their wealth of culinary experience to Tsim Sha Tsui. The restaurant’s semi-buffet menu consists of dry-aged beef, premium imported steaks, and seafood specialities . It introduces the authentic taste of land and sea simultaneously. Moreover, the restaurant features a chic shipyard scene that reflects a contemporary mood.

Oyster Hong Kong

With a panoramic 270-degree view of the harbour, Ambrosia at iSquare in Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the most attractive oyster bars in the city. When diners enter the restaurant, they can see the open oyster bar on the left of the grand foyer. Its top-grade selection of fresh oysters includes 16 types of oysters from seven regions. Upon request, Ambrosia can offer oysters Kilpatrick and Rockefeller.

Hong Kong’s Best Oyster Bars

The five-year average was 24 outbreaks per year in 2016 to 2020. Storage temperature and wet storage were the main issues identified. One of the best ways to enjoy oysters is to have them by the sea and Rocksalt in Stanley is the perfect location.


Hongkongensis and all published mollusc genomes . NCBI CD-search was further used to validate the presence of homeodomains in the retrieved sequences. Identity of each putative gene was then tested by comparison to sequences in the NCBI nr database using BLASTx and BLASTp along with phylogenetic analyses. A high quality, chromosomal-scale genome assembly for the culturally, economically and ecologically important bivalve, the Hong Kong oyster is presented in this study, alongside insights into major patterns underlying genome evolution. Comparisons of the homeobox gene families of the Mega- and Giga-clusters imply that levels of inter-chromosomal rearrangements have been low in this oyster lineage relative to the bilaterian ancestor.

Fridge also offers nicely cooked oysters which you can easily pair with their rich wines. The oyster aquaculture industry in Hong Kong has historically played its own role in degrading reefs through overexploitation. So in addition to investigating how oyster reefs can benefit the local environment, TNC is also exploring how its research can help small-scale oyster farmers survive in a sustainable manner. TNC’s work is part of a broader project with the University of Hong Kong’s Swire Institute of Marine Science to restore oyster reefs across the city, where there are now four projects in three areas. The first launched in Deep Bay at the settlement of Lau Fau Shan in May 2018. The following year, the project installed a second reef at Tolo Harbor, to the east, that is being used as a biofilter to support a fish farm.

Come during “Oyster Wednesdays” when a single variety of oyster goes for $10 a pop from 6pm onwards. 生蠔香港 ’s also worth noting that DotCod are pioneers in the sustainable seafood movement so you can feast away happily for a green cause. Restoring Hong Kong’s Lost Oyster Reefs for NatureOysters and other shellfish provide a boon of benefits, acting as natural filter feeders that improve local water quality and stabilize shorelines. The Nature Conservancy Hong Kong has deployed two pilot oyster reefs in Lau Fau Shan and Tolo Harbour using discarded shells. Repeat landscape plots , suggest that repeat activity in the Hong Kong oyster has trailed off recently following a sustained gradual increase in activity.

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